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Dog up for adoption

For those who don't know this, I volunteer for a local animal adoption project that specializes in cats. Last night, when I got to work, the hospital had a rottweiler named Harley that had been given up for euthanization. The events as I understand it are, the dog was brought in with a hip problem. After having been treated, Harley went home with his owner. Apparently, he was brought back in a day or so later with a broken femur. The owner allegedly tried saying she didn't know how it happened, then finally admitted the dog fell at home (whether through negligence or accident, I don't know). What amazed me is, the owner apparently decided the dog was too much trouble or something to that degree, and wanted to have it euthanized.
I sat with this dog for a total of about half an hour before and after doing my volunteer work, and he is amazingly affectionate. He kept putting his paw in my lap and letting me scratch behind his ears and all down his sides. At one point, I was sitting next to him on the floor with my back to a cabinet, and had my hand under his head. Harley decided to lay his head down on my hand and doze off for a few minutes with me cradling his head. He's one of the most pleasant dogs I've seen come through the hospital. Apparently, right before I arrived, a kitten walked up to him, swatted his nose, and HE backed down.
I will inform through this medium that this is a somewhat bigger dog. As an adult male, Harley is about 140 lbs, and stands at mid-thigh height to me (measured from the top of his head when standing). However, rottweilers have a much better disposition than people seem to understand. The portrayal of the mean, vicious junkyard dog only applies to these animals when they've been abused and trained to react to humans with suspicion and anger. Normally, rottweilers are sweet and loving, and VERY protective of their families. I would have adopted him in a heartbeat, but I'm in a situation where it's not possible. If anyone would like to talk to the people who deal with adoption, message me here and I'll send you their phone number.
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